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CORMIX - E (Evaluation Version)

CORMIX - E is the free evaluation or demo version of the software available for immediate download and installation from MixZon Inc.

This version is designed for a no-risk evaluation of the complete feature set available for mixing zone analysis and to determine if the CORMIX product is applicable to your case/study/research/work.

The latest/current supported version is CORMIX v12.0E

Please review the Feature Comparison Table for features available in CORMIX v12.0E - VIEW

Evaluation Version Restrictions:
  • ALL Print and Save functions are disabled.
  • ONLY the sample files that ship with the Evaluation can be loaded.
    Please load a sample file first and then vary the inputs according to your study requirements, to determine if CORMIX is applicable to your problem.
  • Access to the PDF CORMIX User Manual only.
  • Evaluation version watermark on all visualizations.
  • Valid for 15 days or 10 executions, whichever occurs first
  • Not intended for use in documented analysis and project reports.
CORMIX - E has all the capabilities of GTD version BUT with a few restrictions.
CORMIX software is licensed and distributed solely by MixZon Inc

To License CORMIX - G/GT/GTH/GTS/GTD/GTR Versions:
  1. Create a user account by registering with MixZon Inc - Register
  2. Download, install and evaluate CORMIX using the evaluation version - Download
    (CORMIX v12.0E is the Free Demo Version)
  3. Review the CORMIX Licensing Agreement - VIEW
  4. Review the Feature Comparison table for CORMIX - VIEW
  5. Buy the appropriate licensing from MixZon Inc - CORMIX Licensing and Sales
  6. Activate/unlock the E version to the G/GT/GTH//GTS/GTD/GTR version, by following the instructions e-mailed to you AFTER an order is processed successfully.