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Tributary Mixing Zones - Thermal Refugia

Mixing zones can form important habitat for fish and other aquatic species. The images on the right are from the Upper Klamath River in Oregon/California.

Here, cool tributary mixing zone provide vital thermal refugia habitat to endangered salmon.

The applications page highlight several recent research studies which have shown the importance of mixing zones and fish habitat.

Th eimage on the right is an example of remote sensing of tributary mixing zones (TMZ) (Source: Oregon DEQ).

Typical FLIR output consists of GPS-tagged digital images covering approximately 100 x 150 meters with less than 1 meter of spatial resolution and ±0.5oC accuracy.

Figures A) and B) show cool and warm TMZ respectively. Cool TMZ have been documented as critical salmonid refugia habitat in disturbed systems.

CORMIX can be used to evaluate scale effects on TMZ refugia habitat watersheds for habitat restoration.

Thermal Mixing Zone
Tributary mixing zone provides refugia habitat to endangered salmon - Upper Klamath River in Oregon/California (Source: Oregon DEQ)