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CorSpy - Outfall Specification Design and Visualization Tool

Do you have trouble knowing the differences between unidirectional, staged, or alternating diffusers? Would you like to visualize your diffuser in relation to ambient boundaries? What type of diffuser is best for lakes versus rivers? Does specification of discharge Beta, Gamma, Sigma, and Theta angles have you confused? Help is available!

CorSpy is an interactive 3-D outfall design visualization and specification tool for single port (CORMIX1), multiport (CORMIX2) and surface (CORMIX3) discharges. This diffuser visualization program for Windows makes specification of complex diffuser/discharge geometry a snap. In addition, CorSpy can be used as part of the CORMIX system for outfall design.

CorSpy Features:

  • Analyze single port (CORMIX1), multiport diffuser (CORMIX2) and surface (CORMIX3) outfalls with advanced visualization tools.
  • View location of outfall in relation to ambient boundaries.
  • Interactive specification of discharge/diffuser parameters, including Beta, Gamma, Sigma, and Theta angles.
  • Render unidirectional, alternating, and staged diffuser types.
  • Illustrate optimized designs with fanned multiport diffusers.
  • Illustrate Rosette Design Diffuser Configurations.
  • Visualize coordinate system and ambient geometry or unbounded sections (oceans) or bounded sections (rivers, estuaries).
  • Ability to zoom, move, and rotate views.
  • Directly save and print visualizations.
  • CorHelp - Online User Guide

Please review the CORMIX Feature Comparison table for CORMIX v12.0 versions, to check for CorSpy availability - VIEW

CorSpy UI
CorSpy allows you to interactively design your multiport diffuser or specify geometry and boundaries in 3-D.

CorSpy Visualization of Unidirectional Multiport Diffuser
CorSpy 3-D visualization of a unidirectional multiport diffuser and the water surface (larger image).

CorSpy Visualization - Plan View
Corresponding 2-D plan view showing bank boundaries, here GAMMA= 90, BETA = 80, THETA = 30, SIGMA = 40 ( larger image).

CorSpy Visualization - Side View
Corresponding 2-D side view showing bottom and water surface boundaries (larger image).