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Atmospheric Plumes

The buoyant jet integral model within CORMIX, CorJet, provides 3-D modeling of flows in a 2-D velocity and density field for stable discharge sources.

The methodology can be applied to near-field mixing analysis for both atmospheric and aqueous single-port and multiport diffuser buoyant jet mixing.

CorJet also allows for a skewed velocity profile, allowing the downstream direction vector of velocity to vary with height.

Plumes from a Coal Fired Power Station (Source S. Gaskin).

Some Examples of Atmospheric Plume Mixing

Unsteady Atmospheric Plume Mixing
Examples of unsteady plume mixing (Source: Scorer).
Multiport Atmospheric Plume
A multiport atmospheric diffuser (Source: Unknown).
Atmospheric plume density current
An atmospheric density current front in New Zealand (Source: I. Wood)
Atmospheric plume
Atmospheric plume with density currents (Source: Unknown).