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Near-Field Jet Integral Model for Single Port and Multiport Discharges in Unbounded Ambients

CorJet is an advanced integral model tool for detailed near-field analysis of stable CORMIX1 (single port) and CORMIX2 (multiport) discharges.

With CorJet you can analyze both wastewater and atmospheric plumes in arbitrary ambient density fields.

Corjet allows detailed near-field analysis of wastewater or atmospheric discharges in arbitrary ambient density and current fields.

CorJet can predict detailed near-field turbulent buoyant jet trajectory behavior in non-uniform velocity fields (in both magnitude and direction) for stable discharges, before boundary interaction occurs. CorJet will also tackle the toughest cases, such as the so-called "nascent density" problem associated with the non-linear density/temperature profile of water.

Please review the CORMIX Feature Comparison table for CORMIX v12.0 versions, to check for CorJet availability - VIEW

CorJet UI
CorJet GUI Screenshot

CorVue for CorJet Visualization
An atmospheric example of turbulent buoyant jet mixing in a stratified shear flow. Initial mixing is controlled by the interplay of discharge and ambient conditions. CorJet can be applied to initial atmospheric plume mixing as well. (Photo: Ralph Turcotte, Beverly (Massachusetts) Times).